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Can electronic cigarettes cause cancer?


Electronic cigarettes can cause cancer. According to a data from the French Institute for National Consumption, electronic cigarettes can also cause harm to the body and cause cancer just like ordinary cigarettes. The researchers conducted comparative experiments on 10 common cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes, and tested the carcinogens and toxic substances that they may have that adversely affect human health. The results of the study showed that the content of nicotine in some e-cigarette products is very high, and the harm caused by carcinogens contained in some e-cigarettes is not lower than ordinary cigarettes. In addition, because the temperature of the electronic cigarette device is too high, a highly toxic molecule called acrolein is also generated in the process, which is very harmful to the human body. At the same time, liquid nicotine in electronic cigarettes can be fatal to children. However, the researchers pointed out that for the time being there is no reason to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes, and there are no special measures to protect children from e-cigarettes. However, some European countries have already introduced or intend to introduce relevant regulations prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes in public places.

Is it good to smoke electronic cigarettes?


Nebulizer. Smoke bombs. The principle is that the smoke bomb conducts liquid to the atomizer, and then the battery is energized to the atomizer. The atomizer heats the evaporated smoke liquid. The smoke bomb is actually equivalent to a cup. It is filled with water. Those waters are smoke liquids. The difference with cigarettes is that they don't need to be ignited. There is no tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases and heavy metals in the smoke. The key to the inefficiency of e-cigarettes is to see if the smoke is good or not, and the nebulizer workmanship and materials. Poor smoke fluid can cause uncomfortable throat, chest tightness, and retching because all flavors are made and the more vicious it is. Good smoke does not affect the body but instead helps the body. Smoke liquids contain nicotine, spices, stock solutions, propylene glycol (medications), and electronic cigarettes from Winsor Merck are better because they also have vitamins and are good for lung recovery. Their smoke fluid is also relatively safe at home. And the battery is durable, atomized smoke is also great strength. Nicotine is not a carcinogenic substance, but it is just addictive. Electronic cigarettes use nicotine to reduce and quit smoking at four levels without high, medium and low levels. If you smoke too much, you need to drink more water. Nicotine can be discharged from the urine. Try not to have residue to form an addiction

How long can e-cigarettes last?


In general, a disposable electronic cigarette can be used for two days, three days, and 500, depending on the circumstances of your smoking. Like two or three generations of electronic cigarettes, generally the battery can be used for more than one year, and the atomizer is generally 1-3 months (the atomizer is replaceable). Because this depends on how often you smoke electronic cigarettes.