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How long can I smoke electronic cigarettes?


Electronic cigarettes are sold in boxes. Each box of electronic cigarette contains seven smoke bombs, a cigarette tube, an atomizer and a built-in charger, a smoke tube, an atomizer, and an internal charger. It can be used for a long period of time. The cartridge is Consumables, (each cigarette bomb can suck 150-180 mouths, the specific length of time it can be used depends on the individual's circumstances), its efficacy is the same as ordinary cigarettes, it can also play a refreshing, refreshing In order to understand the efficacy of smoking addiction, we can also reduce the dependence of cigarette smoke on cigarette smoke so that our dependence on cigarettes can be gradually reduced to achieve a goal of smoking cessation. Moreover, electronic cigarette smoke is generated by an atomizer. There is no tar, secondhand smoke, etc. that are harmful to our body. The feeling of smoking electronic cigarettes is slightly different from that of ordinary cigarettes. The specific feeling is not well described. Only those who smoke regularly can feel it. ~~~~~~ If the quality is better Electronic cigarettes, consumption is more cost-effective than we usually smoke.

The correct use of electronic cigarettes


Electronic cigarette use step/method:1, the first use of electronic cigarette must first charge, usually more than 4 hours. The e-cigarette uses a lithium battery similar to a mobile phone, so the first use should be deep-deep.2, after full power, put on a new cartridge, which is the cigarette holder. Installed, the reminder note here is that do not use the cartridge immediately after installation, wait for more than 1 minute to use. The purpose of this is to better fuse the liquid of the smoke bomb and the atomizer of the electronic cigarette and volatilize larger smoke.3, many friends use electronic cigarettes will continue to suck until the cartridge is exhausted or the battery feeds. In fact, this long-term smoking is not good, not only affects the life of electronic cigarettes, but also the liquid smoke bomb can not be the best volatilization. The proper use of e-cigarettes is to pause for a while. This will not only protect e-cigarettes but also delay smoking. After all, most of the purpose of consumers buying electronic cigarettes is to quit smoking.4. The atomizer of the electronic cigarette must be cleaned frequently. Because the use of a long time will cause the non-volatile liquid to condense and adhere to the top of the atomizer. Accumulation of too much heat will affect the heating of the atomizer, so that the cartridge cannot be used normally. We can wipe slowly with a damp cloth, a little alcohol or water, and it is recommended to clean it once a week. Electronic cigarette use precautions:E-cigarettes are usually charged to select 220 dc, which can be filled every time (except for the first time). When not in use, it can be placed in a dedicated cigarette case. Regularly check all parts of the electronic cigarette, and if it is damaged, replace it in time so that it can be used for a long time. Generally good quality electronic cigarettes have a lifetime of around 3-5 years.

Is health e-cigarette really effective?


In recent years, there has been an electronic cigarette on the market that can be lit and smokeless. Marketers claim that the World Health Organization believes this is a safe and effective smoking cessation method. In response, WHO issued a solemn statement on Friday that the safety of e-cigarettes and the efficacy of smoking cessation have not been scientifically verified, and any claims involving WHO in its advertising campaign are false. Please listen to the report of United Nations Radio reporter Huang Liling.  E-cigarette marketers have a typical approach. This is to describe e-cigarettes as a way to help smokers get rid of tobacco addiction. Some promoters even claim that the World Health Organization regards e-cigarettes as nicotine chewing gum and quit smoking. Sugar and smoking cessation paste similar legal nicotine substitutes.  Douglas Bettcher, head of the World Health Organization's "No Tobacco Initiative", refuted these advertising campaigns on behalf of WHO at a press conference in Geneva on Friday.  Beitcher: "(English) The World Health Organization announced that the Organization did not and absolutely did not consider electronic cigarettes as a nicotine substitute that is legal to help smokers quit smoking. Any indication that WHO considers electronic cigarettes to be a legal smoking cessation The method’s claim is absolutely 100% fake. WHO is extremely concerned that some e-cigarette manufacturers around the world are involved with the name of the WHO, indicating on their websites, advertisements and packaging that WHO supports their products. False."  The shape of the e-cigarette is similar to ordinary cigarettes. The tobacco rod is made of stainless steel. When it is smoked, it does not need to be ignited, and a rechargeable battery provides energy to release nicotine.