Always adhere to the new electronic cigarette R & D and technological innovation.

First of all, thank you for purchasing this series of e-cigarette smoking cessation products, in order to better implement the "new consumer law", to maximize the maintenance and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of our company's users, to facilitate our future to provide you with better quality Service, specially formulated the following service terms:

1. We use a provincial city dealer for electronic cigarettes.

Special service points for after-sales services, spare parts for required product repairs, such as electronic cigarette stems and chargers, are uniformly distributed by the company to provincial-level city dealers. For details, please refer to the "Service Cooperation Agreement";

2. All products manufactured by our company are subject to strict quality inspection and quality control. All performance parameters of the products are in compliance with the relevant quality standards. All products purchased through our company's formal channels enjoy the following services:

A: Bad product with quality problems within seven days from the date of product purchase; 
B: From the date of product purchase, 15 days to six months if the product quality problems, free maintenance; wearing parts are not within the scope of free maintenance (atomizers, cartridges, chargers, shells and other consumables). C: From the date of purchase of the product, half a year away, the company provides paid maintenance services, and charges a certain amount of labor and materials (the cost is charged by the local maintenance point according to the company's guiding maintenance price); 
D: If the product during the repair or replacement period cannot be supplied with new products or parts of the same model due to the product being discontinued or for other reasons, the company will provide more advanced new product replacement. However, it is necessary to make up for the difference, and the difference will be replaced on the same day. Market price calculation; 
E: If the product exceeds the free repair period, the company will not provide corresponding services in case of serious damage, no parts supply or other uncontrollable factors can not be repaired. F: High-end products such as Boya and other cigarette rods, charging boxes, if there is a quality problem within one year, can replace parts or repair.

3. In the following cases, the company will not be responsible for after-sales service. If the service is really needed, the maintenance points of the company will charge a certain amount of maintenance and material fees:

A: Failure to use according to the requirements of the product specification, maintenance, storage and damage; 
B: Unauthorized dismantling caused damage; 
C: unauthorized change of the three pack certificate; 
D: No valid three-guarantee certificate and service card; 
E: There is a service card but it is not recognizable: 
F: Damaged due to other irresistible forces. 

4. Note:

A: When requesting the service, the customer shall present the warranty card and sales vouchers, which shall be kept by the customer; 
B: The customer data must be true and accurate; 
C: Please carefully fill in the following on the warranty card: product name model, sales date, seller's seal. 

If you have any dissatisfaction with our service, or if you have any questions, please send us an online message or call the service quality supervision and complaint hotline: